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Donut Bar Packages

Basic Bar Package

  • ​This is the basic starting bar package included for all events.

  • Includes UNLIMITED mini-donuts per guests. 
  • Donut bar basic toppings include: Powered sugar, cinnamon sugar, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles and choice or chocolate or carmel sauce.
  • Contact for pricing 

Premium Bar Package

  • UNLIMITED mini-donuts per guests
  • Donut bar premium toppings includes everything in the basic plus: carmel sea salt sugar, crushed M&Ms, crushed Oreo, crushed Reese's, shaved coconut, chopped peanuts, chocolate sauce, carmel sauce and strawberry sauce. ​ 

Top Shelf Bar Package

  • UNLIMITED mini-donuts per guests

  • Donut Bar Top-Shelf toppings includes everything in the Premium Bar package plus: All flavored organic cane sugars are included (cinnamon sugar, carmel sea salt, vanilla, lemon, dark cocoa, espresso, and wild blueberry), crushed butterfingers, crushed toffee, crushed almonds, crushed pecan pralines, Ghirardelli mini chocolate chips, Mini M&Ms, Marshmallows, crushed Graham crackers, NEW bacon and maple glaze!, Ghirardelli chocolate topping, carmel sauce, butterscotch topping, Strawberry topping, Marshmallow topping, Nutella and Resse's Peanut Butter sauce.

Oh My Donut Ice Cream Sundae Bar!!!

  • UNLIMITED Fresh hot mini-donuts topped with ice-cream....AMAZING!!

  • Then head to the bar to add your favorite Sundae Toppings.
  • Sundae Bar topping includes: Chocolate fudge, whip cream, chopped peanuts, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, cherries, carmel sauce, strawberry topping, butterscotch topping, Marshmallow topping, Nutella and Reese's Peanut Butter Sauce.

Create Your Own Bar

  • UNLIMITED Fresh hot mini-donuts 
  • You choose your toppings from the menu.
  • Don't see your favorite candy or toppings on the menu? Don't worry we can special order for you!

Contact us at info@ohmydonut.com for detailed bar package pricing​