​​Be a sprinkled donut in the world of plain bagels.

Once upon a time...

Oh My Donut  | Palm desert CA 92260 us | +1.7603337450 

…A soon to be married couple started planning their wedding and wanted to offer their guests something better tasting and different than the traditional wedding cake. They thought all about all the different desserts and what all their guests might enjoy, and then they thought of a donuts! Who doesn't love donuts!  


That is when the mini-donut journey began. They decided they wanted to provide their guests with fresh made mini-donuts with a gourmet toppings bar! Hence, the donut BAR. They believe your mini-donuts should be just as unique as you. Don't buy pre-made desserts, instead be creative let your personality shine and create your own. This will guaranttee everyone will love their dessert and no more wasted cake slices left on the plate. 

They are proud to offer the highest quality donut bar and dedicated to providing the freshest, tastiest mini-donuts to your next event. Choose from at least a dozen sauces and toppings to make a donut the way you want it. There’s no wrong way to make your delicious!​


Every donut is special.